What is HLOCK?

HLOCK is the only temporary construction latch/lock on the market that works as well as regular door hardware. Made of hard yet flexible plastic, resistant to high and low temperatures, it can be reused many times. HLOCK is an inexpensive solution to avoid expensive damages.


With HLOCK, the Superintendent’s Job has been made much easier. Worrying about open doors during a wind or rain storm is extremely stressful, especially when you have so many other things on your mind, like staying within your budget and keeping your costs low. Damaged walls and doors can be costly to repair or replace, but HLOCK keeps your worries to a minimum. With HLOCK, your doors stay closed, preventing gusts of wind or rainwater to get inside the apartment and to damage doors, walls, windows, and floors.

Features and Benefits-
Fits regular doors with 2 3/8′ and 2 3/4″ Backset.

Secure your doors during Construction.

Easy to install and remove without tools.


Will not damage your walls.

Can be Locked.

HLOCK will protect your doors during Wind Storms.

HLOCK will keep your doors shut during Rain Storms

Very Inexpensive

How HLOCK will save you money!

Common Damages on a Construction Site-

Rainwater Inside your units.
Damages on Door Jambs, Hinges or Windows caused by wind.
Damages on unfinished/finished wall caused by bulky Door knobs.
This damages usually can be prevented, we all know that keeping our doors shut in a big Construction site is not always our main concern.
3 Common problems among many others that HLOCK will help to prevent.

Wind Damage, Water Damage and Wall Damages!

Why Buy?
HLOCK is the smartest and cheapest option to metal door latches with bulky door knobs or other useless Temporary Construction Door latches in the market today!!



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